Sollertia (Latin) noun : /solˈler.ti.a/, [sɔɫˈɫɛr.ti.a]

skill, ingenuity; expertise, resourcefulness

Services for the Solar industry

Sollertia is solely focused on operations, maintenance, and service calls for the solar industry. We are your on-location maintenance crew for troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repairing solar PV arrays for the residential, commercial, and utility scale solar markets. Our founders have over two decades of combined solar PV and electrical construction experience and understand limiting system downtime and maximizing system performance is paramount.

Why Sollertia

  1. Did you know heat is the biggest enemy to PV and electrical systems? Our thermographic imaging test is the most important preventative maintenance service we perform.
  2. Did you know the useful life of an inverter’s air filter is 1 year? Our service technicians change all inverter air filters over a year old to ensure your PV system’s peak performance.
  3. Did you know that each PV system's connections should be checked annually? Our field service technicians and electricians inspect system connections to prevent damage and safety concerns loose connections can cause at your home and business.
  4. Did you know the average down time for a PV system annually is 7.3 days and costs PV system owners over $14,000,000 annually in Massachusetts alone? Our preventative maintenance and service teams focus on greater system up time.






Service Calls

Sollertia’s services significantly reduce down time maximizing the production of your PV system and optimizing your investment.


Emergency Repairs


General Maintenance


Changing of Disposables


Inspection and Adjustments